The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Events in Wichita, KS - Fall 2023

Wichita isn't just the Air Capital of the World; it's also your one-stop haunt for all things Halloween and Fall! Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a film buff, or a parent looking for family-friendly fun, we've got you covered.

From spine-chilling haunted houses to enchanting pumpkin patches, our guide is packed with events that will make your October unforgettable. So, grab your broomsticks, and let's fly through the most bewitching activities Wichita has to offer this season!

Must-Visit Fall Festivals in Wichita

24th Annual Great Plains Renaissance & Scottish Festival

Location: Sedgwick County Park
Date: Sep 29-Oct 1
Tickets: $15


Step back in time and immerse yourself in the magic of the Renaissance era at the 24th Annual Great Plains Renaissance & Scottish Festival. This event is a Wichita tradition that has captivated the hearts of locals and visitors alike for nearly a quarter of a century.

This festival is more than just a fair; it's a time machine that takes you back to the days of knights, jesters, and royalty.

Boos and Brews

Location: Old Cowtown Museum
Date: Sept 29, 7 pm


The Boos and Brews event is a public gathering organized by the Old Cowtown Museum and the City of Wichita. The event promises an evening filled with ghosts, fun, and brews at the Old Cowtown Museum. Attendees can enjoy a wide selection of beers available for purchase from Central Standard Brewing, as well as food options from Funky Monkey Munchies.

Wicked Island

Location: OJ Watson Park
Date: Fridays and Saturdays in October, 8 pm-midnight
Tickets: $20-30


Since 2012, the Campbells have been spooking Wichita and nearby regions with their ever-evolving, perilous journey through a wicked island where your worst fears could come to life.

Tallgrass Film Festival

Location: Orpheum Theatre, 200 N. Broadway
Date: October 5-8
Tickets: $50-$259

Tallgrass Film Festival

The festival offers a full list of films, panels, and juries to engage the audience. It has been named one of MovieMaker’s 25 Coolest Film Festivals of 2023. In addition to the annual festival, the Tallgrass Film Center offers year-round films and events. They even have a free movie library outside the Film Center that's available all year.

Haunted Woodland Walk at Botanica

Location: Botanica, 701 Amidon Street
Date: October 12th, 6-10 pm

Haunted Hops
Unwind with 15 hauntingly delicious craft cocktails and hard ciders, curated from the finest local and regional breweries. As you sip, let your senses be dazzled by a Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular that'll light up the night and take a spooky stroll through the haunted gardens. But that's not all! Venture into the Haunted Woodland Walk, where every step is a thrill. Elevate your evening with mesmerizing fire dancers and awe-inspiring aerial acrobatics. And for those who love a cuddly encounter, there's even a petting zoo! This is an adults-only affair, so you must be 21 or older to join the festivities.

Haunted Hangar at B29 DOC Hangar

Location:  B29 DOC Hangar, 1788 S. Airport Road
Date:  October 13th


The Haunted Hangar event is a 21-and-over bash set to take place at the B29 DOC Hangar. Organized by DJ Carbon, Douglas Production Group, and Wichita Event Rentals, this event promises an unforgettable night filled with spine-chilling thrills.

ICT Bloktoberfest

Location: Historic Union Station, 701 E. Douglas
Date: October 13-14th


ICT Bloktoberfest at Naftzger Park is presented by Xclusive Events, Sledgehammer Creative, Naftzger Park, and Wichita Park & Rec. It's touted as one of Wichita's biggest celebrations and is a local block party that's open to the public.

Echoes of Fear at Old Cowtown Museum

Location: Old Cowtown Museum, 1865 W. Museum Blvd
Date: October 27-28th, 7 pm

The Echoes of Fear event was planned to be a super scary Halloween party hosted by the Old Cowtown Museum. It was designed to feature spooky displays and photo ops, and attendees were encouraged to come in costume. The event was for ages 18 and up, with a 21 and up age requirement for drinking. Unfortunately, this event has been canceled.

Halloween Bar Crawl

Location: Various Locations
Date: October 27-28th, 4 pm

The 6th Annual Halloween Bar Crawl in Wichita is a drinks event that spans two days. Hosted by PourHouse ICT, Fever, Peerless, and Crawl With Us, the event is open to the public. Your ticket is valid for either Friday, Saturday, or both days, and you only have to pay once.

Spooky Night of Treasures 2023

Location: Museum of World Treasures, Wichita, KS
Friday, October 27, 2023
Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Tickets: $50 each
Entry Times: 6:00 PM, 6:30 PM, or 7:00 PM

Spooky Night of Treasures

Welcome to Wichita's ultimate Halloween event where history and the supernatural collide! Hosted by the Museum of World Treasures, the SPOOKY Night of Treasures 2023 offers a 45-minute history-themed haunted house-style tour. But that's not all! The event also features an open bar with themed cocktails, appetizers, desserts, and a costume contest with fantastic prizes. Ticket sales for this hauntingly educational event open on October 1.

What is Trunk-or-Treat?

Trunk-or-Treat is the modern twist to the traditional trick-or-treating, where community members gather in a large parking lot, and kids go from car trunk to car trunk to collect candy.

Trunk or Treat in Wichita, KS

It's safe, it's fun, and it's efficient! Plus, it's a great way for the community to come together.

Featured Trunk-or-Treat Events near Wichita, Kansas

While our main focus is on adult and teen events, we can't forget about the little ones! Here are some family-friendly Trunk-or-Treat events that everyone can enjoy.

Empower Trunk or Treat East and West

Location: Empower Church East & West Campuses
Date: October 25th, 5-8 pm
Two locations mean double the fun! Empower Church goes all out with themed trunks, games, and plenty of candy.

Stearman Field's Airplane Trunk or Treat – Canceled due to FAA shutting down

Location: Stearman Field
Date: Canceled
This event would have featured airplanes as trunks! Unfortunately, it's been canceled this year, but keep an eye out for its return.

Saint Joseph Truck-Or-Treat

Location: Saint Joseph Catholic Church
Date: October 28th, 6-9 pm
This event combines the community spirit of a church gathering with the excitement of Halloween.

Treats, Not Tricks

Location: Wichita Community Center
Date: October 30th, 4-6 pm
Treats, Not Tricks is a safe and inclusive event where kids can enjoy Halloween festivities without any scares.

Rock Regional Truck-or-Treat

Location: Rock Regional Park
Date: October 29th, 5-8 pm
Imagine a parade of trucks, each one offering a different treat or activity. It has food trucks, candy, and family-friendly fun.

East Point Trunk or Treat

Location: East Point Shopping Mall
Date: October 31st, 3-5 pm
Go trick-or-treating from trunk to trunk in the mall parking lot, and then head inside for some shopping!

Wichita First Kids Trunk-or-Treat

Location: Wichita First Church
Date: October 31st, 6-8 pm
A community-focused event with various trunks, from spooky to silly, ensuring fun for kids of all ages.

Point Trunk or Treat

Location: East Point Church of Christ, 747 N 127th St E
Date: October 29th, 5-7pm

Wichita First Kids Trunk-or-Treat October 30th, 3 pm Wichita First Church of the Nazarene, 1400 E Kellogg. This trunk or treat will be a free event of fun for the whole family. There will be candy, food, games, music, & more! Halloween Lights and Haunted Displays in Wichita (not confirmed for 2023

Haunted Houses and More

Haunted Houses in Wichita KS

13 Sinister Souls

This is Wichita's freshest indoor haunted house. It's not just a walk-through; it's an experience. With over 10 live actors and 20 rooms spread across 10,000 square feet, you'll feel like you've stepped into a horror movie. The scare factor is so high, it might just age you a bit! This is definitely for the brave souls out there, the event is until October 31.

Selfie Spookfest

Located at The Selfie Spot on Douglas, this place has turned into a Halloween paradise. You can explore various Halloween and fall-themed selfie booths. It's perfect for a unique date night, a fun outing with friends, or even a solo adventure. Just bring your phone and capture all the eerie fun! Begun last Sept. 29, runs Friday and Saturday nights in October.

Wicked Island 

This haunted island has been a Wichita staple since 2012. The walk through the wooded area is filled with unexpected scares and creepy characters. It's recommended for kids 6 and up, but younger ones should have an adult with them. You can buy tickets on-site or online.

Field of Screams

Filed of Screams is celebrating its 20th year, this outdoor haunted attraction is not for the weak-hearted. The walk takes about 30 minutes and is filled with all sorts of creepy surprises. It's located in West Wichita and is open from Sept. 22 through Oct. 31 on some Thursday nights and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Gates open at 7 p.m. Tickets are sold online. 

Haunted Cannery

Just a short drive from Wichita, this haunted house is at Walter’s Pumpkin Patch near El Dorado which is open Fridays and Saturdays in October. The experience includes a hayride to the haunted house, a maze called the Lunatic Asylum, and the Haunted Cannery itself. For those looking to skip the line, they offer a "RIP Mortuary Fast Pass" which is a rolling casket ride to the front!

Zombie Paintball

Hosted by Klausmeyer Dairy Farm & Pumpkin Patch, this haunted package is a blast—literally! You get to ride on a trailer and shoot paintballs at live zombies which started last Sept. 23 and runs through October on Saturday nights. The package also includes a drive through a haunted pasture. It's a unique and interactive way to get your Halloween thrills.


Halloween Safety Tips

While Halloween is all about thrills and chills, safety should never take a backseat. Whether you're going trick-or-treating, attending a party, or simply enjoying the festivities, here are some essential safety tips to keep in mind.

For Trick-or-Treaters and Parents

  1. Plan Your Route: Stick to well-lit areas and familiar neighborhoods. Make sure someone knows where you'll be.

  2. Costume Safety: Choose costumes that are flame-resistant and add reflective tape for visibility. Make sure masks don't obstruct vision.

  3. Adult Supervision: Young children should always be accompanied by an adult or responsible older sibling.

  4. Check the Treats: Always inspect candy and treats for tampering before eating them.

For Partygoers

  1. Know Your Limits: If you're consuming alcohol, know your limits and always have a designated driver or use a rideshare service.

  2. Buddy System: Always go with a friend, especially if you're attending a party where you don't know everyone.

  3. Keep an Eye on Your Drink: Never leave your drink unattended.

For Homeowners

  1. Well-Lit Pathways: Make sure the path to your door is well-lit and free of obstacles to prevent tripping hazards.

  2. Pet Safety: Keep pets indoors to protect them from cars or unintentional harm from strangers.

  3. Candle Caution: If you're using candles in your decorations, never leave them unattended, and keep them away from flammable objects.

General Tips

  1. Stay Connected: Keep your phone fully charged and on you at all times.

  2. Follow Local Guidelines: Be aware of local curfews and COVID-19 guidelines that might affect Halloween activities.

  3. Emergency Contacts: Make sure everyone in your group knows who to contact in case of an emergency.

Final Thoughts

We hope you've enjoyed our Ultimate Guide to Halloween Events in Wichita, KS - Fall 2023 Edition. With so many events to choose from, your October is sure to be packed with fun, frights, and unforgettable memories. Whether you're trick-or-treating with the kiddos or enjoying a haunted night out with friends, Wichita is the place to be this Halloween season. So, put on your best costume, stay safe, and let the haunting begin!

You can also check out pumpkin patches near Wichita, Kansas.


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