The Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Patch | Wichita, KS

Fall is a season of vibrant colors, cozy sweaters, and, of course, pumpkin patches. In the United States, visiting a pumpkin patch is more than just a seasonal outing; it's a cultural experience deeply rooted in American history.

Pumpkin Patches in Wichita, Kansas

From the historical significance of pumpkin patch season to the modern-day joys of corn mazes and petting zoos, this guide will take you on a journey through the best pumpkin patches near Wichita, KS, each offering its unique blend of attractions and activities.

The Importance of Pumpkin Patches in American Culture

A Brief History of Farm Pumpkin Patches in the U.S.

The custom of cultivating pumpkin patches on American farms has deep roots. While pumpkins originally came from Central America over seven millennia ago, they were a staple for native North Americans long before beans and corn were grown.

In the United States, the practice of establishing pumpkin patches gained traction in the late 19th century, serving as a source of fresh produce for farmers during the colder months. These pumpkins would often be sold at local farmers' markets and used for seasonal decorations.

The popularity of pumpkin patches soared in the post-World War II era, particularly during the suburban expansion and the baby boom. Visiting a pumpkin patch each autumn has become a quintessentially American activity. To capitalize on this trend, some farmers started organizing annual pumpkin festivals and set up prosperous pumpkin stands near their residences.

Why Corn Maze and Petting Zoos Are a Staple of American Fall Festivities?

Corn mazes and petting zoos have become integral parts of American fall festivities for various reasons. The concept of mazes has ancient roots, dating back to Greek and Roman times.

In America, this idea was ingeniously applied to cornfields, a staple crop, for more fall fun with the first corn maze appearing in Pennsylvania in 1993. These mazes often feature intricate designs and themes, adding a layer of excitement and challenge to the fall season.

Petting zoos, on the other hand, offer a tactile and educational experience. Originating in Philadelphia, these zoos feature a mix of domestic and some docile wild animals, providing an opportunity for hands-on learning.

During the 1990s, the concept spread to urban areas, allowing city children a chance to interact with farm animals they might not otherwise encounter.

Both activities encapsulate the essence of community, education family fun, and entertainment. Corn mazes offer a sense of adventure and problem-solving, while petting zoos provide a touch of nature and education. These elements make them beloved and anticipated features of American fall celebrations.

What Makes Wichita's Pumpkin Patches Stand Out?

Wichita's pumpkin patches stand out for their diverse range of activities, catering to all ages and interests. From traditional hayrides and corn mazes to adventurous options like zip lines and pumpkin cannons, there's something for everyone.

Unique themes and designs add a special touch, while the inclusion of seasonal produce and local crafts make each visit memorable. Scenic locations provide perfect photo ops, and community events like scarecrow contests and live music add to the festive atmosphere. All these elements make Wichita's pumpkin patches a must-visit during the fall season.

Best Pumpkin Patches near Wichita, KS

Walter’s Pumpkin Patch

Walter's Pumpkin Patch Corn Maze and Family Farm

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Walter's Pumpkin Patch is located at 10001 NW US Highway 77 in Burns, KS 66840, this fall destination offers admission prices that vary from $15 to $20, depending on when you visit.

You can secure your tickets online for added convenience. With a general admission ticket, you'll gain entry to an array of activities such as a scarecrow-themed maze, a woodland area, a candy cannon, and a prairie playground featuring more than a dozen unique play structures.

You'll also enjoy extras like a bouncy jump pillow, a challenging obstacle course, slides, and entertaining duck races. For those seeking additional thrills, optional add-on attractions are available to make your visit even more memorable.

Cedar Creek Farm & Pumpkin Patch

Cedar Creek Farm and Pumpkin Patch

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Cedar Creek Farm & Pumpkin Patch is located at 6100 N 119th St W in Maize, KS 67101, they offer an affordable admission fee of just $12 per person, with kids aged 2 and under entering for free.

Your ticket grants you access to a variety of fun-filled activities on the northwest side of Wichita. From a barrel train ride and tire swings that are a hit with the youngsters, to an intricate corn maze for those who love a challenge, and a wonderful fire pit there's something for everyone.

Animal lovers will delight in the petting zoo and pony rides add an extra layer of excitement. All in all, it's a destination that offers a well-rounded, enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages. There is an additional fee for horse-drawn carriage tours and pumpkin slingshots.

Mr. Gourdman’s Pumpkin Patch

mr-gourdmans-pumpkin-patch derby ks

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Located at 3750 Dusty Rd. in Derby, KS 67037, Mr. Gourdman's Pumpkin Patch offers a variety of experiences for the whole family. Admission is priced at $7 per person, with children under 3 entering for free, and a special $5 rate for military personnel upon showing ID.

Your entry fee gives you access to a unique playground fishing (bring your own tackle), hay rack and hay wagon rides, and a corn maze. You can also enjoy a cozy campfire and watch Little Rascal movies. For those looking to enhance their visit, additional options like concessions, face painting, and, of course, pumpkins are available for an extra fee at a working horse ranch.

Applejack Pumpkin Patch

Applejack Pumpkin-Patch-Augusta-KS

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Located at 10007 SW Indianola Rd Augusta, KS 67010, Applejack Pumpkin Patch offers an admission fee of $12 per person, with children aged 2 and under entering for free.

They also provide half-price discounts for military personnel and senior citizens. The attractions here are diverse and engaging play areas, pumpkin cannon, Hay Rack Ride, a Goat Playground, Corn Maze, Duck Races, Prairie Playground, Petting Zoo, Corn Crib Crawl, Giant Checkers, Giant Chess, Corn Bin, Jump Pad, Hill Slides, Hay Fort, Corn Hole, Sand Diggers Tricycle Track, Catfish Dock, Zip Line, Rat Racer, Grain Train, Fun Photo Cut-outs, Wooden Train, Obstacle Course, and Calf Roping.

Marietta Farm


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Situated at 1600 E US-54 in Andover, KS 67002, Marietta Farm has variable admission fees: $8 per person from Monday to Thursday and $10 per person from Friday to Sunday. Children aged 2 and under can enter for free.

The farm offers a wide array of activities, including a chance to interact with live animals and a hay bale maze, barrel rides, zombie paintball, and a barnyard for more rustic fun. Games and a unique pumpkin house add to the entertainment, along with a zipline and a corn pit for those looking for a bit more action.

Meadowlark Farm

Meadowlark Farn Pumpkin Patches Rose Hill KS

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Nestled at 11249 SW 160th St. Rose Hill, KS 67133,  Meadowlark Farm has a modest admission fee of $2.50 for individuals aged 13 and older.

The farm specializes in a "pick your own pumpkin" patch, allowing visitors a more hands-on experience for your perfect pumpkin. Additionally, they offer a petting zoo for animal lovers, picking buckets, and apple and peach picking for a taste of autumn.

Each of these attractions makes Meadowlark Farm a diverse and enjoyable destination for fall activities such as play area, hay bale bowling, hay bale barnyard, tricycle races, bumper cars, and water races. They also have jams, fresh-pressed apple cider, and hard cider, and other attractions that vary throughout the year. It’s good to note that the admission fee does not cover the cost of the fresh produce that you pick.

P and M Pumpkin Ranch

P and M Pumpkin Ranch Moundrige, KS

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Located at 311 16th Ave in Moundridge, KS 67107, P and M Pumpkin Ranch is a must-visit destination just a 45-minute drive north of Wichita. This prime location makes it easily accessible for a quick day trip or a weekend adventure.

As for the admission details, they are yet to be announced. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for the latest updates on ticket pricing and special offers, ensuring you get the best deal for your visit.

When it comes to attractions, P and M Pumpkin Ranch offers a wide array of activities that go beyond the ordinary. The Buckaroo bouncers provide a fun and energetic experience, while the obstacle course challenges both your physical and mental agility. For those seeking a bit of speed, the outlaw run is a thrilling option. If nostalgia is more your style, Grandpa's town offers a trip down memory lane. 

Sports enthusiasts will find their haven in the sports barn, and the pig races offer a unique and entertaining spectacle for visitors of all ages. With such a diverse range of attractions, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a history buff interested in the origins of pumpkin patches or an adventure-seeker looking for the next thrilling corn maze, the area around Wichita, KS, has something for everyone. From the diverse activities at Walter's Pumpkin Patch to the affordable fun at Cedar Creek Farm & Pumpkin Patch, each location offers a unique experience that captures the essence of American fall culture. So grab your scarf, hop in the car, and make this fall season one to remember by visiting these incredible pumpkin patches.


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