What To Know Before Moving To Maize, KS: Your Comprehensive Guide

Thinking of moving to Maize, Kansas? You're in for a treat! This comprehensive guide will give you all the insights you need to make an informed decision. From its rich history to its vibrant community, Maize has something for everyone.

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Maize is not just another dot on the map. With a low crime rate, award-winning schools, and a close-knit community, it's a place where you can truly feel at home.

Stay tuned as we delve into the nitty-gritty details, from the cost of living to the local job market. Trust us, you'll want to read till the end!

About Maize, Kansas

Maize, KS MAP

Maize is a city in Sedgwick County, Kansas. It's a special city that has the feel of a rural area but enjoys the benefits of being close to a big city. The name "Maize" comes from a Native American term for "corn," which makes sense since the city is in an area known for corn farming.

History of Maize, KS

History of Maize, KS

The land around Maize was first settled by J.K. Steele and Anna Steele in 1870. The city itself was founded in 1886 by the Maize Town Company, led by N.F. Neiderlander. It was the first stop on the Wichita and Colorado Railway outside of Wichita. The first church, post office, and school all opened in the same year. By 1915, Maize became an official city.

Demographics of Maize, KS


Maize is a thriving city in Sedgwick County, Kansas, with a 2023 population of approximately 6,498. It's a city on the move, growing annually at 3.55% and seeing an 11.04% population bump since the 2020 census.

The median age stands at 42.8 years, and households typically earn around $100,092 per year. The poverty rate is a low 4.41%. In terms of racial diversity, the city is predominantly White at 90.57% but also includes multiple races at 5.89%, other races at 2.85%, and smaller percentages of Black or African American at 0.69%. 

Local Culture and Community in Maize, Kansas

Local Culture and Community in Maize, Kansas

Maize has a strong sense of community. Many people volunteer and work together to make the city better. The local culture is important to the people who live there, giving them a shared sense of values and traditions. This helps the community come together to make plans for improving life in the city.

What Is Special About Maize, Kansas?

Award-Winning Schools

Maize, Kansas boasts some top-notch public schools. Standouts include Maize Virtual Preparatory School, Maize Central Elementary School, and Pray-Woodman Elementary School. The school district is dedicated to both academic success and a variety of after-school activities.

Close-Knit Community

Maize offers the best of both worlds: it has a small-town feel but with big-city advantages. The community is active, with many people volunteering for different causes. City leaders and staff are committed to fostering a sense of unity and civic pride.

Proximity to Wichita

Maize is just a short 15-mile drive from the center of Wichita, Kansas. This makes it a great spot for those who want the benefits of a big city but prefer to live in a more intimate community.

Agricultural Heritage

Maize has deep roots in agriculture, especially corn farming. This farming tradition has greatly influenced the community's culture and way of life.

What Is The Cost Of Living in Maize, Kansas?

Living in Maize, Kansas is generally more affordable than the rest of the United States but slightly pricier than the Kansas average. A typical home in Maize costs around $285,200, which is cheaper than the national average. The most significant increases in living costs are in areas like transportation, food, and housing. 

If you're looking to rent, a two-bedroom apartment will set you back about $1,010 per month, which is less expensive than both the national and state averages. To live comfortably in Maize, it's recommended that a family should have an annual income of at least $54,720, while a single person should aim for $30,800.

Crime Rate And Safe Stats In Maize, Kansas

Regarding safety, Maize ranks better than 91% of other U.S. cities. The annual crime rate is approximately 20 crimes per 1,000 residents. Your likelihood of being a crime victim can vary depending on the neighborhood, ranging from a 1 in 35 chance in the north to a 1 in 99 chance in the southwest. While the crime rate is slightly higher than the national average, violent crimes are less common. Overall, you have a 1 in 38 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Maize. 

Local Amenities In Maize, Kansas

Restaurants in Maize, KS

Restaurant in Maize, KS

In Maize, Kansas, you'll find a variety of dining options to satisfy your cravings. For instance, Barn’rds Sandwiches Soups Salad is a local, family-owned spot famous for its Roast Beef sandwiches, while Nancy’s Amazing Sandwiches Incorporated is the go-to place for top-notch burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast.

Maize Parks & Recreation

Maize Parks & Recreation

The Maize Recreation Commission is committed to offering leisure activities for both the city and the wider community. The city park has been recently updated and features a new playground, public restrooms, a skateboard park, picnic shelters, and even a splash pad.

Maize Community Center

Maize Recreation Commission

If you're looking for a venue, the Maize Community Center has meeting and multi-purpose rooms available. The community building in the city park can also be reserved for various events like family reunions and birthday parties.

Maize State Bank


Maize State Bank, the town's first financial institution, provides a wide array of banking services, from personal and business accounts to loans and digital banking options.

Maize Veterinary Clinic

Companion Animal Hospital on Maize Rd

For pet owners, the Companion Animal Hospital on Maize Rd offers a full range of veterinary services, including ultrasound, fracture repair, and general surgery, along with dog training.

Assisted Living in Maize, KS


If you're looking for assisted living options, Maize has several facilities to choose from. Costs start at $2,415 per month for independent living and $4,498 for assisted living. Facilities like Oxford Villa Active Senior Apartments and The Oxford Grand Assisted Living & Memory Care offer various services to meet the needs of their residents.

Shopping Centers in Maize, KS

Sunflour Cafe & Collective maize, ks

For those who love shopping, Maize, Kansas has several options both within the city and nearby. New Market Square is a large shopping mall located just a short drive away in Wichita. Other local favorites for shopping include Sunflour Cafe & Collective, Wild At Heart, and Coleman Factory Outlets, among others.

Churches in Maize, KS

Maize United Methodist Church

If you're looking for a spiritual home, Maize has several churches like Ark Church, First Baptist Church, Maize Congregational Church, and Maize United Methodist Church.

Golf Courses in Maize, KS

Reflection Ridge Golf Course

While Maize doesn't have its own golf courses, golf enthusiasts can easily access nearby courses such as Reflection Ridge Golf Course and Auburn Hills Golf Course in Wichita.

Healthcare in Maize, KS

Evolve Healthcare

Maize, Kansas offers a range of healthcare options, including Eagle Point Health in the city and Evolve Healthcare a short drive away in Wichita. There are also several family medicine specialists available.

Schools in Maize

Maize Unified School District 266

When it comes to education, the Maize Unified School District 266 serves the area with multiple elementary, middle, and high schools.

Elementary Schools

Maize Elementary School

For the 2023-24 school year, there are six public elementary schools serving 3,373 students, with top-ranked schools like Maize Virtual Preparatory School and Maize Central Elementary School.

Middle High School

Maize Middle School

Middle school options include Maize Middle School and Maize South Middle School

Senior High School

Maize Senior High School stands out among the high schools with a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 19.

Community College Near Maize

Hutchinson Community College

Although Maize doesn't have a community college, nearby options in Wichita include Hutchinson Community College and Pratt Community College.

Maize Job Market & More

Major Industries and the Job Market in Maize, KS

In Maize, about 3,386 people have jobs and the unemployment rate is 7%. The city has a lot of jobs in professional services, construction, and consulting. The city's team is working hard to attract new businesses and help current ones grow.

Commute Options and Transportation in Maize, KS

Most people in Maize drive to work by themselves, and it usually takes them about 20 minutes. On average, each household in Maize has two cars. For medical rides, you can use Uber Health in Maize.

Work-Life Balance Tips

  • Take a moment to see how different parts of your life affect each other.
  • Figure out what's most important to you and focus on that.
  • Plan your day well so you have time for both work and fun.
  • Keep work and personal time separate.
  • Stay healthy with regular exercise, good food, and enough sleep.

Remember, it's tough to have a perfect balance between work and life. The goal is to find what works best for you.

Real Estate in Maize

In Maize, you can find a variety of properties for sale, with prices ranging from about $33K to nearly $1 million. The average price for a listed home is around $400K, while homes typically sell for about $281K.

Current Maize KS Real Estate Market Trends

As of July 2023, the average listing price for a home in Maize has increased by 13.2% compared to last year, reaching $400K. The cost per square foot is about $190. Homes usually sell within 54 days of being listed.

Property Types in Maize, KS

You'll find different kinds of properties in Maize, including single-family houses, townhomes, multi-family homes, condos, and even land plots. There are also options for apartments and manufactured homes.

Tips for House Hunters in Maize

  1. Know What You Want: Before you start, list what you're looking for in a home. Pick your top three to five must-haves.

  2. Use a Checklist: After seeing multiple homes, they can all blend. Use a checklist to compare features.

  3. First Impressions Count: On your first walk-through, just get a feel for the place. Enjoy it and note your initial impressions.

  4. Inspect Twice: After your first look, go through the home again but more carefully. Act like an inspector this time.


Importance of Location in Maize KS Real Estate

Location is key in Maize, which is a growing small city. A lot of the homes are new, showing that people are choosing to move here.

Inspection Tips for Maize KS House for Sale

  • Overall Condition: Look for signs of wear that could hint at bigger issues.
  • Foundation: Check for any cracks or damage.
  • Roof: Make sure there are no missing or damaged shingles.
  • Plumbing: Look for leaks or other issues.
  • Electrical: Test outlets and switches.
  • HVAC: Make sure the heating and cooling systems work.
  • Pest Check: Look for signs of termites or other pests.


Financing Options in Maize, KS 

Bank of the West:  They offer a wide range of financial services, including mortgages and auto loans.

Pride Ag Resources:  They have special financing options for things like seed and fertilizer if you're approved.

Patriot Financial LLC:  They offer equipment leasing and financing, even if your credit isn't the best.

Tips for Choosing a Realtor in Maize, KS

When you're on the hunt for a realtor, look for someone with experience, local market know-how, and good reviews. Our team at Urban Cool Homes is one option you might consider. Remember to ask about their fees, how they plan to market your home if you're selling, and their strategy for finding you a home if you're buying. Make sure they get you and what you're looking for.

Utility Services in Maize

  • Water Payments: You can pay your water bill at Maize City Hall. They also accept credit cards.
  • Electricity: Westar Energy is the go-to for electricity in Maize.
  • Due Dates: Utility bills are due every 20th of the month. You can pay online with a card.

Other Services

  • Sewer and Water: The city takes care of this.
  • Stormwater: For stormwater issues, you can contact KC Water or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
  • Trash and Recycling: Waste Connection, Inc. and Waste Management handle this. Waste Management also offers recycling.

Post Office Hours

The USPS Post Office in Maize is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. On Saturdays, it's open from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

 Is Maize, Kansas The Perfect Place For You?

If you're looking for a community that combines the best of both worlds—small-town charm with big-city amenities—then the answer is a resounding yes! With its low crime rate, excellent schools, and a strong sense of community, Maize offers a quality of life that's hard to beat. Whether you're a young professional seeking career growth, a family looking for a nurturing environment, or a retiree wanting a peaceful haven, Maize has something to offer. So why wait? Make Maize, Kansas, your next home sweet home!

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