The Complete Home Seller's Checklist (Interior Preparation)

Before putting your home on the market, make sure that every room inside has the best chance of passing the standards of even the most meticulous visitors. It may seem like a daunting task, but this handy checklist will help you get the job done!

Remember, first impressions can make or break the emotional connection with a house, so it's important to make yours stand out. Once you finidh checking all of the items on this list, your agent will be ready to market your home at the best price possible.

The Complete Home Seller's Checklist (text version):

Common Areas

  • Remove unnecessary furniture that does not serve any main purpose
  • Cozy up the place with a few pillows and cushions

Dining Area

  • Remove everything on the dining table except for a nice centerpiece
  • Limit the number of chairs to six


  • Bleach tiles and polish the sink
  • Clean all appliances from the inside out
  • Put away cleaning materials like mops and brooms
  • Clean garbage area and remove any visible trash
  • Organize the pantry and limit any visible items


  • Use neutral-colored bedding
  • Keep bedside tables clear except for a small clock or lamp
  • Empty all closets and drawers
  • Make sure the floors are clean and clutter-free
  • Remove wall decor and personal items
  • Repair damaged walls, use new wallpaper or repaint if necessary


  • Clean moldy areas
  • Polish tiles and sink
  • Add nicely folded towels to cabinets
  • Remove toiletries and personal items
  • Put away cleaning supplies and garbage cans


  • Replace faulty lightbulbs
  • Make sure all door knobs and locks work
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Remove dust from walls, ceilings, windows, fans, and A/C intake vents
  • Replace curtains and clean blinds
  • Avoid filling the house with strong scents/fragrances
  • Brighten dark areas with lights and lamps
  • Balance the number of house plants in each room
  • Stow away framed photographs of you and your family
  • Maximize visual floor space by rearranging furniture

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