Do's and Don'ts of Planning a Yard Sale

Yard sales are simple. The goal is to get rid of items you no longer want or need while getting money out of them.

But they can also be stressful if not planned and organized. Don't worry. We'll provide you with these do's and don'ts of yard sales to ensure a smooth operation.

Yard Sale Do's 

Yard sales don't organize themselves. They require time and investment. Having a checklist will help leading up to the day of the sale. 

1. Yard sale permit: check if your city or county requires a yard sale permit. If you live in an HOA neighborhood, you will also need to get approval. 

2. Schedule your yard sale during the weekend. It's when most people receive their checks and have more expendable cash. 

3. Check your city's yard sale listings in the weeks before your sale. Serious shoppers plan their route, and they aim to be the first shopper at every sale. If your sale starts a little earlier than the rest, you'll be their first stop. 

4. Check with friends, family members, and neighbors to see if they'd like to make it a group sale. You'll have more help and have more merchandise to advertise and sell. 

5. Go to a few yard sales in the weeks leading up to your sale, especially if you don't usually go to them. You'll learn the local yard sale norms and can get ideas on display and pricing as well as what to avoid. 

Yard Sale Don'ts 

Common mistakes can cost you time and money, which defeats the purpose of having a yard sale. The biggest key to success is knowing when to schedule your sale to attract the most buyers. There are some days and times you'll want to avoid.

1. Don't schedule a yard sale on an "off day." Friday and Saturday are the traditional days. Sundays are ok for the second day of a Saturday sale but don't make it the primary day unless it's customary in your area.

2. Don't schedule your yard sale on holidays. Weekend holidays include Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends.

3. Don't set a starting time that's later than the other yard sales in the area. By the time your sale starts, your potential customers may be out of steam and cash.

4. Don't wait until the last minute to start getting ready for your yard sale. Putting it off until the night before and staying up all night before a 7 a.m. sale.

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