Sell Your House Fast In Wichita, KS

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Wichita, KS? You're in the right place! Urban Cool Homes is not just another real estate agency; we're your fast-track ticket to selling your home swiftly and for a fair cash offer. Whether you're looking to move on quickly due to a new job, a change in family circumstances, or simply because you're ready for a new adventure, we've got you covered. Our unique approach combines the latest in real estate technology with a deep understanding of the local Wichita market, ensuring your property doesn't just get listed but gets sold.

What''s my Home Worth?

Why Choose Urban Cool Homes?

In a bustling housing market like Wichita's, standing out is key. That's where we shine. Urban Cool Homes bring a fresh, dynamic approach to selling your home. Forget the traditional sale hassles, the endless waiting for the right buyer, and the uncertainty of closing dates.

We offer a seamless, hassle-free experience that respects your time and investment. From offering a fair cash price for your house "as is" to covering those pesky closing costs, we're here to make your life easier.

Experience the Difference

Our team of professional home buyers understands the Wichita real estate market inside and out. We're not just buying houses; we're investing in communities.

Whether you're dealing with a burdensome rental property, an inherited house you're unsure what to do with, or simply need to sell your house fast, we're here to help.

Our cash offer program is designed to allow you to move on your terms, without the hassle of open houses, real estate agent fees, or repair costs.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing our clients, real estate agents, and partners with a world-class, industry-leading real estate experience. Our collaborative spirit creates a platform where everyone can reach their real estate dreams and succeed together.

Core Values

Self Responsibility - Being responsible for each action.

Grit - Mental toughness, going the extra mile, and removing obstacles.

Abundance Mindset - Focusing on the opportunity. "There will always be more!"

Transparency - being open and honest in all dealings.

Contribution - providing more value than you plan on receiving.

Always Improving - the mindset to beat yesterday and compete every day!

Our Award Winning Team Consists Of The Following

✅Listing Specialists are there to guide you throughout the house sale process with one goal in mind: to achieve your house sale goals.
✅Listing Coordinators assist you and the listing specialist, to get your house ready to sell and support you throughout the closing process.
✅Client Care Specialists may have already communicated with you about your selling experience to get you connected. They are also communicating daily with potential buyers looking to purchase your house.
✅Transaction Coordinators facilitate a smooth sales transaction by assisting with paperwork and whatever needs you may have.

What's my Home Worth?

We can help you buy OR sell any of the following

✅For Sale By Owner ✅New Builds ✅Foreclosures/Short Sale
✅Expired Properties ✅Lands ✅Auction
✅Off-Market Homes ✅Multi-Family ✅Commercial
✅Investment Homes ✅Condos ✅Any Homes on the Market


How Do I Sell My House Fast Wichita, KS

Here are the things you need to know if you want to sell your house fast in Wichita, KS.

10 Reasons Why You Need To List Your House With Urban Cool Homes

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE - With the largest social media presence in the area, it's our ads for YOUR house that will be hitting the top of their searches.

  2. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Our agents are committed to keeping you informed about all relevant aspects of the sales process; from lead generation to the actual sale. Simply put, our agents will keep you posted every step of the way.

  3. CLIENT-CUSTOMIZED PROCESS - We understand that each transaction is different. One size does NOT fit all in the real estate market, and our priority is to make sure we assist you the best way we can.

  4. EXPERIENCE - The Urban Cool Homes Team averages over 300 sales per year versus the typical agent who sells only 4. This added experience gives our Urban Cool Homes Agents the upper hand and leaves more money in the client's pockets!

  5. NEXT LEVEL PRESENTATION - We offer professional photography that highlights your house in the best way possible. This package includes drone footage of your house and the neighborhood to paint a better picture for potential buyers.

  6. TEAM APPROACH - No balls dropped! We work together as a team, to make sure we provide level 10 service.

  7. ROUND THE CLOCK SERVICE - We have someone dedicated to answering calls around the clock, so no potential Buyer's phone call goes unanswered.

  8. 3D INTERACTIVE FLOOR PLANS - A first-hand look at what your home has to offer. Those interested buyers are 300% more engaged in a 3D virtual tour than your standard listing.

  9. REAL ESTATE CONCIERGE - We have a Real Estate Concierge who is there for you every step of the way. Their end goal is to keep everything in order and to make sure you have a stress-free transaction.

  10. HOME WARRANTY PROVIDED - We want to make sure you're home is covered in every way possible. If a system stops working, we've got you covered

Strategic Listing

  1. Professional Photography - Picture-perfect moments are captured by our professional photographers.

  2. 3D Floor Plan - Explore your house from every angle with our 3D house structure plan

  3. Social Media Features - Get ready to be featured on our social media pages!

  4. Drone Footage - A bird's eye view of your dream house Walkthrough

  5. Video Reel - Step inside and experience the beauty of your house with our captivating walkthrough video reel

What We Guarantee

  • GUARANTEED SALE - We will guarantee your house sold within 90 days of being on the market. Ask your Urban Cool Agent for more details!
  • WORRY-FREE LISTING - No advance fees of any kind. With our team & marketing combined, we are committed to making this as stress-free as possible
  • GUARANTEED OFFER - We guarantee a cash offer within 72 hours of being on the market.
  • BACK-UP OFFER - We guarantee an offer if you fall out of contract or are unable to receive another offer organically
  • RENT OR BUY GUARANTEE - If you decide you would rather rent out your house to achieve cash flow, we will find a tenant and manage your property 100%
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Our goal is to give you level 10 services at every interaction and to earn 5-star reviews across the board

What's my Home Worth?

Seller Timeline


  • When do you want to move by?
  • Decide on a price.
  • Understand what needs to be done to be "list ready".
  • Sign Listing Agreement.


  • Have the necessary documents ready for your agent.
  • Understanding Showing Time.
  • Decide on a list date and open house date.


  • Ensure everything is correct on the listing when you receive a copy from the Listing Partner.
  • Review any offers.
  • Accept and Sign to have a fully executed contract.


  • You will be notified when the new buyer will be inspecting your house.
  • The buyer will have a specific amount of time to ask for any repairs they might want done before purchasing your house.


  • During this time, an appraiser will come out and evaluate how much your house is worth so that the bank can sign off on the new buyer's loan.
  • Tentatively scheduled movers.

Week of Closing

  • Finish all repairs negotiated during the due diligence period.
  • Schedule your utilities to be turned off.
  • Know where and when to go to closing.
  • Congrats! Your House is SOLD!


Ready to Get Started?

Selling your house fast in Wichita, KS has never been easier. Contact Urban Cool Homes today and discover the difference professional, friendly, and efficient service can make. Let us take the stress out of selling your home, so you can focus on what's next. Welcome to the future of real estate – welcome to Urban Cool Homes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy houses for a fair cash offer?

Yes, we do also pay cash with a fair offer in Wichita houses, South Central Kansas, and surrounding areas.

What is a free cash offer and how can it benefit me when selling my house?

A free cash offer allows homeowners to sell without traditional financing delays, potentially speeding up the sale process.

Who are property owners most likely to benefit from selling their houses for cash in Wichita, KS?

Property owners in Wichita and South Central Kansas facing urgent sales, such as those in financial distress, often benefit most from cash sales.

What services do real estate investment companies offer to homeowners in Wichita?

A real estate investment company offers services like quick cash offers and as-is purchases, simplifying the selling process for homeowners.

Why is my property address important when receiving a cash offer on my house?

Your property address is crucial for cash offers as it helps investors assess the home's value and location benefits.

How do cash buyers differ from traditional home purchasers?

Cash buyers typically offer faster closings without loan contingencies, differing from traditional buyers who rely on bank financing.

Can I get a cash offer for my house, even if it's not in perfect condition?

Yes, homeowners can receive cash offers for houses in any condition, offering a solution for selling without repairs.

What are the advantages of selling my house directly to a buyer?

Selling directly to a buyer eliminates many traditional selling hassles, such as open houses and lengthy negotiations.

How fast can I sell my house to a cash buyer?

Homeowners can sell their houses to cash buyers quickly, often within a week, depending on the buyer's flexibility.

What is the closing date, and how is it determined in a fast cash sale in Wichita?

The closing date in a fast cash sale is often determined by the seller's preference, enabling a quick and flexible sale process.

Are there real estate solutions for selling a house as is?

Urban Cool Homes offers real estate solutions like selling as-is to cash buyers, ideal for homeowners seeking a straightforward sale.

How can I sell my house quickly without going through a real estate agent?

Selling quickly without an agent is possible through direct sales to cash buyers, bypassing traditional listing processes.

What is the house-selling process like when dealing with professional home buyers?

The process involves a cash offer from professional home buyers, followed by a quick closing, simplifying the sale.

How does the local real estate market affect my house sale?

Local real estate market conditions, such as demand and inventory, significantly affect house sale strategies and outcomes.

What are the benefits of avoiding traditional bank financing when selling my house?

Avoiding traditional bank financing speeds up the sale process and eliminates the risk of buyer loan denial.

Why should I consider selling my house now?

Considering selling now could capitalize on current market conditions, potentially leading to a quicker, more profitable sale.

What does it mean to buy houses as is, and how does it benefit sellers?

Buying houses as-is benefits sellers by eliminating the need for repairs before sale, streamlining the process.

Who are cash home buyers, and why should I consider selling my house to them?

Cash home buyers offer a quick, straightforward selling option without the complexities of traditional real estate transactions.

What is an all-cash offer, and how does it streamline the house-selling process?

An all-cash offer simplifies the selling process by eliminating loan approval delays and offering a faster closing.

What steps should I take to prepare my property for sale?

Preparing your property for sale involves decluttering and minor repairs to improve appeal, even for cash sales.

How can selling for cash help avoid the hassles of a traditional sale?

Selling for cash avoids traditional sale hassles like showings, repairs, and uncertain closing timelines.

What are the benefits of selling my home to local home buyers?

Selling to local home buyers offers benefits like understanding the local market and potentially faster sales.

How can I receive a fair all-cash offer on my property?

Receiving a fair all-cash offer involves transparent communication with buyers and possibly getting multiple offers for comparison.

What are the advantages of selling my home as is?

Selling as-is advantages include no repair costs and a straightforward sale process, appealing to many sellers.

How do mortgage payments affect my ability to sell my house fast?

Mortgage payments can limit fast saleability by necessitating a sale price that covers the outstanding loan.

Can I sell my house today for cash?

Yes, it's possible to sell your house for cash today, with investors often ready to close quickly.

What should I know about making all the repairs before selling my house?

Making all repairs before selling can increase market value but isn't necessary for cash sales, which are often as-is.

How can I sell my house fast in a competitive market like Wichita?

Selling fast in Wichita's competitive market requires pricing correctly and marketing effectively, even to cash buyers.

What role does a family member play in the house-selling process?

Family members can influence the selling process by providing emotional support or helping with decision-making.

What is a house company, and how can it help me sell my property?

A house company specializes in buying homes directly from owners, offering a streamlined selling process.

How do I find companies that buy houses?

Finding companies that buy houses involves online searches, real estate networks, and local advertising.

What factors contribute to a fair price for a house sale?

Factors contributing to a fair house sale price include market conditions, home conditions, and location.

What information is needed on a short property information form when selling my house?

A short property information form sales includes details like address, condition, and reasons for selling, aiding in offer preparation.

How do I ensure I'm getting an honest price for my house?

Ensuring an honest price involves comparing offers, understanding market conditions, and possibly consulting with a real estate expert.

What options do I have for selling my house fast for cash?

Options for fast cash sales include selling to investment companies or individual investors specializing in quick purchases.

Who buys houses, and how can I contact them?

House buyers range from real estate investors to companies, contactable through online platforms or local advertising.

What does scheduling a sale mean in real estate?

Scheduling a sale means setting a timeline for closing, often expedited in cash transactions for convenience.