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Living in Bel Aire

A quiet neighborhood overlook a pond

Founded in 1955, Bel Aire sits just northeast of Wichita. Want to live in a metro area, but don't want to deal with metro crowds? Bel Aire is waiting for you. It's a small community with around 7,000 people where civic engagement is highly valued. Several community events happen throughout the year, including the Spring Fling, City-Wide Garage Sale, National Night Out, Bel of the Ball, and the Fall Festival. 

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Exploring Bel Aire, KS Real Estate

Bel Aire, nestled in South Central Kansas, is a city that beckons with its warm, welcoming atmosphere. With nearby zip codes like 67226, 67228, 67208, and 67206 this city offers a diverse range of housing options to suit every budget. Bel Aire's real estate market holds the promise of homes that are both affordable and of high value.

Bel Aire, situated just northeast of Wichita, Kansas, is a charming and relatively compact city. Boasting a population of approximately 8,448 residents and encompassing a single neighborhood, Bel Aire holds the distinction of being the 44th largest community in the state of Kansas.

The real estate landscape in Bel Aire reflects a higher price point compared to many other areas in Kansas, positioning it among the more exclusive housing markets within the state. However, it is important to note that while Bel Aire's real estate market is considered relatively expensive by Kansas standards, it does not reach the pinnacle of luxury real estate seen in some of the most affluent regions across the United States.

Occupational Landscape and Workforce

Bel Aire boasts a predominantly white-collar workforce, with an impressive 85.33% of its professionals engaged in white-collar occupations, surpassing the national average significantly. The city's employment landscape primarily comprises skilled professionals, dedicated sales and office workers, and accomplished managers. Particularly noteworthy is the substantial presence of individuals working in the field of education (11.52%), sales roles (11.12%), and management positions (9.53%).

Of significant interest is Bel Aire's notable representation in computer and mathematical occupations, surpassing a substantial majority of locales in the United States.

Furthermore, a noteworthy segment of Bel Aire's workforce is engaged in telecommuting, with approximately 9.89% of professionals opting to work from the comfort of their homes. While this figure may seem modest, it ranks among the highest proportions nationwide. These telecommuters primarily consist of knowledge-based, white-collar professionals, akin to those often found in technology hubs like Silicon Valley. 

Additionally, a portion of at-home workers comprises self-employed entrepreneurs operating small businesses from their residences.

Lifestyle and Commuting

As is customary for smaller cities, Bel Aire does not have a public transportation system that residents commonly rely on for their daily commutes.


In Bel Aire, knowledge is a formidable asset. An impressive 55.28% of the adult population holds a 4-year college degree, master's degree, MD, law degree, or even a PhD. This stands in stark contrast to the national average of 21.84% across all cities and towns.

The per capita income in Bel Aire, as of 2018, was $35,517, signifying affluence relative to the state of Kansas and upper-middle-income status compared to the broader United States. This means the average household income is likely higher when it is narrowed down to only working adults. It's noteworthy that Bel Aire encompasses a diverse socioeconomic spectrum, ranging from considerable wealth to more modest income levels.

Diversity thrives in Bel Aire, which is characterized by its rich ethnic tapestry. Residents hail from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, with the majority identifying as White, followed by a significant Black or African-American community. 

Additionally, Bel Aire boasts a substantial Hispanic population, representing individuals of Hispanic origin from diverse racial backgrounds. Approximately 11.72% of the city's population identifies as Hispanic or Latino. Key ancestral origins among Bel Aire's residents include German, English, Irish, European, and Scottish.

While English serves as the primary language in Bel Aire, the city also embraces linguistic diversity, with Spanish and Vietnamese being other important languages spoken within the community.

Bel Aire KS Local Amenities

Bel Aire Nearby Schools

Bel Aire is served by the Wichita Public Schools district, providing access to various public schools for students of all ages. The city is also conveniently located near several private and charter schools, offering educational choices for families.

Bel Aire Nearby Parks and Recreation

Bel Aire places a strong emphasis on parks and outdoor recreational opportunities. The city maintains several parks, such as Sunrise Park and East Park, where residents can enjoy playgrounds, walking trails, and green spaces.

Additionally, Bel Aire is close to the scenic Chisholm Creek Park, offering extensive walking and biking trails, a dog park, and a golf course.

Bel Aire Shopping and Dining

While Bel Aire itself may not have a multitude of shopping and dining options within its borders, it is conveniently situated near Wichita, which boasts a wide range of retail centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

The city's proximity to Wichita ensures that residents have easy access to shopping and dining experiences.

Bel Aire Healthcare Facilities

Bel Aire is less than 10 miles away from various medical centers and clinics in Wichita. The close proximity of healthcare facilities ensures that residents can easily access medical care when needed.

Bel Aire Recreational Opportunities

Beyond parks, Bel Aire offers recreational opportunities like sports leagues and community events, providing opportunities for residents to stay active and engaged.

Bel Aire Community Events

Bel Aire hosts various community events throughout the year, including holiday celebrations, farmers' markets, and neighborhood gatherings, fostering a strong sense of community.

Proximity to Wichita

Being just a short drive away from Wichita, Bel Aire residents can take advantage of the cultural attractions, entertainment venues, museums, and additional amenities available in the larger city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's trending in the Bel Aire, KS homes for sale market in 2024?

The Bel Aire real estate market in 2024 is seeing an exciting trend towards spacious homes with an average of 3 bedrooms and ample living space, reflecting the city's appeal to families and professionals alike. Be sure to check out the latest listings and market trends for the most up-to-date information.

How do I find the perfect home for sale in Bel Aire, KS?

To find your dream home in Bel Aire, use detailed filters like square footage, number of beds and baths, and neighborhood ratings on platforms like Zillow, Realtor, and Urban Cool Homes - LPT Realty LLC. Don't forget to verify MLS listings and attend open houses to see what's available in real time.

What makes Bel Aire homes stand out in the Kansas real estate market?

Bel Aire homes stand out for their spacious lots, modern amenities, and strategic location offering both tranquility and easy access to city conveniences. Ratings from GreatSchools and detailed MLS data highlight the community’s commitment to quality living.

What's the average cost of purchasing a home in Bel Aire, Kansas?

The average cost of homes in Bel Aire, KS, varies based on market trends, but prospective buyers should explore recent listings and consult real estate professionals for the most current pricing information.

Could you tell me the median price of homes in Bel Aire?

The median home price in Bel Aire, KS, reflects the market's current state, with fluctuations seen over time. For the latest figures, checking updated real estate listings or market analyses is recommended.

How many homes are currently for sale in Bel Aire, Kansas?

The number of active home listings in Bel Aire, KS, changes regularly. For the most accurate and up-to-date inventory count, prospective buyers should consult current real estate listings.

Over the past year, how many homes have been sold in Bel Aire, Kansas?

Sales data for homes in Bel Aire, KS, over the last 12 months can offer insights into the market's activity level, available through real estate databases and local market analyses.

What neighborhoods in Bel Aire are most sought after by homebuyers?

Popular neighborhoods in Bel Aire, KS, attract buyers for various reasons, including amenities, school districts, and community vibes. Detailed research or a local realtor's advice can pinpoint these hotspots.

In Bel Aire, Kansas, which areas are considered the safest and best to live in?

Safe and highly rated living areas in Bel Aire, KS, can be identified through crime statistics and local school ratings, offering peace of mind for residents.

Is the real estate market in Bel Aire, Kansas, experiencing a slowdown?

Market dynamics in Bel Aire, KS, including the pace of sales, can fluctuate. For the most current trends, analysis from real estate experts or recent market data is invaluable.

How does the cost of living in Bel-Aire, Kansas compare in terms of affordability?

Bel Aire, KS, is considered by many as offering a balance of affordability and quality of life, but personal financial circumstances and market conditions will dictate the overall cost of living.

What does sqft indicate in home listings?

Square feet in home listings refer to the total floor area of a property, helping buyers understand the size and space offered.

How can I learn about the 79 homes for sale in Bel Aire, KS?

For information on the 79 homes for sale in Bel Aire, KS, visit our website where you can filter listings and view details about each property.

What options are available for condos in Bel Aire, KS?

Bel Aire, KS, offers a variety of condo options, from luxury to budget-friendly, suited to different lifestyles and preferences.

Is there a guarantee on homes purchased in Bel Aire, KS?

While no home purchase can come with a complete guarantee, working with a reputable real estate agent can ensure a secure and satisfactory transaction.

Where can I find real estate for sale in Bel Aire, KS?

Real estate for sale in Bel Aire, KS, is listed on our website, with various properties ranging from single-family homes to multi-family units.

Are multi-family homes available in Bel Aire, KS?

Yes, multi-family homes are available in Bel Aire, KS, offering investors and large families ample housing opportunities.

How do boundaries affect property selection in Bel Aire, KS?

Property boundaries define the legal extent of a property and are crucial for understanding lot size and neighbors in Bel Aire, KS.

Can you explain the supply of homes in Bel Aire, KS?

The supply of homes in Bel Aire, KS, varies throughout the year, influenced by market demand and seasonal trends, impacting prices and availability.

Why are property listings subject to change?

Property listings are subject to change due to factors like sales, withdrawals from the market, or price adjustments, reflecting the dynamic real estate environment.

How do filters help to find the perfect home in Bel Aire, KS?

Using filters on our search tool allows you to narrow down listings in Bel Aire, KS, by preferences like size, price, and location, helping you find the perfect home.

What should I consider to find the perfect place in Bel Aire, KS?

Consider factors like location, budget, and amenities using detailed filters to find your perfect place in Bel Aire, KS.

How can I access listings for sale in Bel Aire, KS?

Listings for sale in Bel Aire, KS, are available on our website, where you can explore a wide range of properties and get in touch with agents.

What does 'unit' refer to in real estate listings?

In real estate listings, 'unit' refers to an individual property or apartment within a larger building or complex, offering unique characteristics and amenities.

How has the real estate market changed in Bel Aire, KS, since 2023?

Since 2023, the Bel Aire, KS, real estate market has seen changes in inventory and prices, reflecting national trends and local developments.

Where can I find homes in Bel Aire, KS?

Homes in Bel Aire, KS, can be found by utilizing our search tool, which offers detailed listings and the ability to connect with agents directly.

What is the significance of the disclaimer in real estate listings?

Disclaimers in real estate listings clarify that information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed, advising buyers to verify details independently.

How important is it to review sales history when buying a home?

Reviewing the sales history of a home provides insight into its market value trends and can help in negotiating the purchase price.

Why should I use detailed filters when searching for a home?

Using detailed filters in your search helps refine results to match your specific needs, such as budget, size, and features, in Bel Aire, KS.