The 5 Biggest Red Flags to Spot When Purchasing a New Home

It's important to thoroughly inspect a home before buying it to make sure there aren't any glaring problems. Here are the 5 biggest red flags to look out for when inspecting your potential dream home.

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Cracking is one of the biggest signs to watch out for in terms of foundation problems. Cement settling, for example, may be indicated by small cracks in the basement. Larger cracks on the other hand, may be a symptom of structural integrity issues. You may also take note of unfit doors. If you have a hard time closing and opening doors in the house, this may mean a larger structural issue. Specifically, check if the door fits squarely in the doorframe.

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Aside from sending shivers down your spine, having pests in your home may also mean wood destruction. The most common pests you should look out for are termites, powder post beetles, and carpenter ants, which may damage your home. 

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Freshly painted rooms are normal because this makes the property feel clean and fresh. But if only one wall or area of a room looks freshly painted, it may be a sign of the seller trying to cover up a problem. This is automatically a cause of concern, and you should ask about it right away.

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The older your home, or the longer a family has stayed in it, the more repair work the previous homeowner or another amateur may have done. You will most commonly see this in areas of plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work. It is best to watch out for leaky faucets, toilets, missing trim work, and other potential do-it-yourself/handyman projects in doing home inspections. 

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Remember, in purchasing a home, you are not only going to live in the specific lot, you will also be living in the neighborhood. If a house seems perfect, and does not have the red flags above, make sure that the neighborhood it is in is in good overall condition. Take note if there are a lot of vacant lots in the area and if other houses are boarded up. If you can, also check the crime rate in that particular area - is it increasing or decreasing? This may not only affect your stay in the home, but also the property's resale value later on. 

Problems like these can be discovered by a trusted inspector, and it is always a good idea to have someone else look at a house before buying. We recommend Roger Laughary at Central Home Inspections LLC or Erik Maybee at Maybee Property Inspection.

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