OnPoint Nutrition

Sharing a healthy lifestyle with the community

For Blaine Agpoon, being active and maintaining that lifestyle has always been a part of his life. He has done so throughout high school.

“I hit the gym a lot. I just love the aspect of just being active. I’ve always been active my whole life,” Agpoon says. 

Agpoon says he wanted to share his lifestyle with other people. This sparked the idea of On Point Nutrition. 

“I’ve always wanted to share the lifestyle by offering something healthy. I enjoy food, but having something that’s quick and on the go and healthy at the same is something that our community needs,” Agpoon says.  

Agpoon recently graduated from Wichita State University with a business degree in marketing and entrepreneurship. While in school, He helped build up the sister store, Shape Up Nutrition out West by Central and Tyler. 

“I learned the ropes there for a couple years and then came out here and opened up this shop -- it’s been a blast,” Agpoon says. 

Agpoon says the Covid-19 pandemic made people focus more on their health. He says during the pandemic eight similar businesses to his opened up around the city. 

“Covid boosted our business. With all that stuff going on, people are just a little bit more conscious about their health. People also just love local stuff. I think we’re in the right environment for this. 

Agpoon says the goal for On point specifically is to make an impact on the community. He says they want to support other people and their businesses who are on a like-minded mission offering something healthy. 

“We want to be a staple in the area around us and beyond,” Agpoon says. 

Agpoon says talks of expansion outside of Wichita next year are already underway. 

On Point Nutrition offers a variety of healthy smoothies, teas, iced coffees, protein and more. They are located on 3570 N Woodlawn Blvd ste 200, Wichita, KS, 67220

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