Discover Lakeside Communities in Wichita, Kansas!

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When you think of Kansas, lakeside living probably isn’t the first thing that pops into mind. Yet you can find just that in Wichita, KS! 

Lake Communities in Wichita Kansas

In today’s blog, we’re going to explore the wonders of the different lakeside communities, from the breezy charms of Barefoot Bay to the shimmering secrets of Mystic Lakes. Wichita is more than just the heart of Kansas–it’s a lakeside lover’s dream!

So, pop on your favorite sun hat, grab a fruity drink, and come sail away with us as we dive into the watery wonders of Wichita's lake communities, complete with an interactive map. 



Barefoot Bay

From paddle boarding to picnicking, Barefoot Bay is equipped with a range of amenities that cater to both the adventurer and the relaxer. Key features include:

  • The Sunset Marina: Rent a boat or take sailing lessons.
  • Whimsical Waters Playground: Perfect for families with children.
  • Moonlit Trails: For those evening strolls under the stars.

Cultural And Recreational Activities

Summer Splash Fest: An annual water carnival, with aqua zorbing, log rolling, and the coveted "Barefoot Bay Water Race".

Autumn Art Walk: As leaves turn golden, local artists display their creations along the bay's pathways, transforming it into an open-air gallery.

Real Estate Insights:

Current Property Values: Starting at $350,000 for 3-bedroom homes and $500,000 for luxury villas.

Trends: A steady 4% annual appreciation, with new developments promising more communal amenities.

History Of Barefoot Bay:

Once a humble fishing haven, Barefoot Bay has transformed into a paradise for those with a penchant for the finer things in lakeside living. Established in the early 1950s, it was the dream of a group of Wichita entrepreneurs to create a retreat that combined both relaxation and recreation. Over the decades, it evolved from simple lakeside cottages to luxurious homes, each bearing the promise of a tranquil life by the water.

Emerald Bay Estates

Emerald Bay Estates isn't just another lakeside community—it's an experience. What sets it apart?

  • Architectural Excellence: Homes designed by top architects with panoramic lake views.
  • The Emerald Spa: A lakeside wellness retreat like no other.
  • Eco-conscious Initiatives: Sustainable living is the ethos here.

Cultural And Recreational Activities:

Emerald Ball: Every winter, residents dress in their finest and dance the night away in this extravagant gala.

Spring Garden Show: With flora blooming, garden enthusiasts showcase their landscaping achievements, turning the Estates into a botanical wonder.

Real Estate Insights:

Current Property Values: Luxury homes start at a cool $1.2 million, while lakeside estates can soar up to $3 million.

Trends: Given its reputation for unmatched elegance, the Estates have seen a 6% yearly appreciation rate. The demand for property here remains high, especially for those seeking state-of-the-art amenities and architectural marvels.

Luxurious Offerings: From infinity pools overlooking the lake to custom-designed interiors, homes here scream sophistication. Residents also enjoy exclusive club memberships, private boat docks, and a 24-hour concierge service.

History Of Emerald Bay:

Emerald Bay Estates sparkles in the Kansas sun, and it's not hard to see why. Originally a vast farmland, visionary developers in the 1970s saw the potential of creating a grand lakeside community in Wichita's backyard. With meticulous planning and an unwavering commitment to preserving the area's natural beauty, Emerald Bay Estates emerged. Today, it stands as a testament to refined elegance and nature's splendor, all in one.

Harbor Isle

When it comes to activities, Harbor Isle is a bustling hub:

  • Harbor Fest: An annual summer carnival with games, rides, and concerts.
  • Isle Water Sports Center: From jet-skiing to parasailing, they've got it all.
  • Anchor Eateries: Lakeside dining featuring global cuisines.

Cultural And Recreational Activities:

Harbor Isle Regatta: An age-old sailing tradition, where sailors, young and old, race across the lake to claim the Harbor Isle Cup.

Winter Ice Carving Festival: Artisans create icy masterpieces along the shores, illuminated in the evenings for all to admire.

Real Estate Insights:

Current Property Values: A range between $400,000 for modest homes to $750,000 for premium lakeside residences.

Trends: With its plethora of recreational activities, Harbor Isle properties have seen a 5% annual growth in value.

The Moorings On Crystal Lake

Mystic Lakes is steeped in history and heritage. Signature events include:

  • The Mystic Lantern Festival: A breathtaking display of lanterns on the lake every autumn.
  • Lakeside Lore Nights: Elders share stories of the community's rich past.
  • The Spring Artisan Fair: Celebrating local artists and craftspeople.

Cultural And Recreational Activities:

Crystal Lake Film Festival: An ode to independent cinema, hosted every fall, drawing filmmakers from across the state.

Summer Solstice Soiree: Residents and guests gather for a lakeside picnic, music, and folklore, celebrating the longest day of the year.

Real Estate Insights:

Current Property Values: Starting at $300,000 for townhouses and reaching up to $650,000 for detached homes with lake views.

Trends: The community-centric vibe has led to a steady 3% appreciation rate annually.

Mystic Lakes

Mystic Lakes is steeped in history and heritage. Signature events include:

  • The Mystic Lantern Festival: A breathtaking display of lanterns on the lake every autumn.
  • Lakeside Lore Nights: Elders share stories of the community's rich past.
  • The Spring Artisan Fair: Celebrating local artists and craftspeople.

Cultural And Recreational Activities:

Mystical Moon Fest: A night of music, dance, and tales, every full moon, celebrating the lake's mythical origins.

Winter Willow Weaving Workshop: Embracing the cold, the community gathers to weave intricate patterns and designs using willow branches.

Real Estate Insights:

Current Property Values: Properties begin at $380,000 for mid-sized homes, with larger family estates priced around $800,000.

Trends: The rich cultural backdrop and unique traditions contribute to a 4.5% yearly appreciation.

History Of Mystic Lakes:

The origins of Mystic Lakes are, well, mystic. Legends whisper of natural springs and enchanted waters that have existed for centuries. Recognizing the magic of the place, settlers in the late 1800s began building homes along its shores. Over time, with the influx of artists, dreamers, and families seeking a harmonious existence, Mystic Lakes transformed into a community that's as eclectic as it is enchanting.

Pier 37

Looking for fun? Pier 37 has plenty in store:

  • The Lighthouse Arcade: Vintage games and modern arcades merge.
  • Pier Music Nights: Live bands every weekend.
  • Sunrise Yoga Sessions: Start your day with a stretch and a view.

Cultural And Recreational Activities:

Pier 37 Annual Music Fest: A summer extravaganza, drawing bands and solo artists from across the Midwest.

Autumn Craft Beer and Food Truck Fiesta: A celebration of local brews and gourmet bites, with the lake providing the perfect backdrop.

Real Estate Insights:

Current Property Values: Condos start at $280,000, while larger homes can fetch prices of up to $600,000.

Trends: With its lively atmosphere and continuous events, properties here have seen an average 4% growth rate per annum.


There's a reason why so many choose Ridge Port as their destination:

  • Stellar School District: Top-rated educational institutions.
  • The Port Market: Fresh produce and local crafts every Saturday.
  • Lakeside Luxuries: Premium amenities for residents, from spas to gourmet restaurants.

Cultural And Recreational Activities:

Ridge Port Cultural Carnival: A spring festivity that highlights the diverse cultures and traditions of its residents through music, dance, and cuisine.

Starry Night Observations: With telescopes set up by the lakeside, residents stargaze and learn about constellations on clear winter nights.

Real Estate Insights:

Current Property Values: Homes range from $320,000 for cozy cottages to $680,000 for spacious family residences.

Trends: Ridge Port, known for its tight-knit community and tranquil settings, has witnessed a consistent 3.5% annual appreciation.

The Cozy Ambiance: Think picket fences, flower-laden porches, and winding pathways. Ridge Port homes often come with wood-burning fireplaces, vintage design elements, and community gardens, offering residents a slice of cozy heaven.

Final Thoughts

As our delightful dive into Wichita's lakeside communities comes to a gentle close, isn't it astonishing how much aquatic allure this Kansas city holds? It's not just about picturesque views or waterfront properties—it's about community, heritage, and that unmistakable lakeside living magic.

Whether you're a sun-soaked dreamer from Barefoot Bay, an elegant elite from Emerald Bay Estates, or simply a curious wanderer like us, there's no denying Wichita's watery wonders offer something for everyone. So, next time you feel that itch for an aquatic adventure or seek the serenity of lakeside lounging, you know where to set sail.

Remember, in Wichita, every ripple tells a story, and every lakeside sunset is an open invitation. Until our next nautical narrative, keep those sails high and spirits higher!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the lifestyle differ between Harbor Isle and Pier 37?

Harbor Isle boasts a vibrant, adventurous ambiance with a plethora of recreational activities, making it a bustling hub for thrill-seekers. In contrast, Pier 37 has a lively atmosphere that centers around entertainment and community events, making it a hotspot for socializing and relaxation.

Which lake community is ideal for young families, retirees, or singles?

Barefoot Bay, with its family-friendly amenities, is ideal for young families. Ridge Port, offering tranquility and a cozy ambiance, is perfect for retirees. Meanwhile, Pier 37, with its lively events and vibrant social scene, attracts many singles.

Are there unique traditions or events exclusive to Emerald Bay Estates or Mystic Lakes?

Emerald Bay Estates is known for its extravagant Emerald Ball in winter and the Spring Garden Show, celebrating its botanical beauty. Mystic Lakes, on the other hand, hosts the unique Mystic Lantern Festival every autumn and the Lakeside Lore Nights where elders share tales of the community's past.

How have local businesses within these communities adapted to lakeside living?

Local businesses within these lake communities have integrated waterfront aesthetics and activities into their services, offering lakeside dining, nautical-themed events, and rentals for water-based recreational equipment, ensuring they cater to the needs and desires of lakeside residents.

What do long-term residents of Ridge Port or The Moorings on Crystal Lake have to say about their experiences?

Long-term residents of Ridge Port cherish the tight-knit community and the serene environment, often referring to it as their cozy heaven. Those at The Moorings on Crystal Lake highlight the community-centric vibe, regular meet-ups, and the harmonious blend of nature and community living as key to their enriched living experiences.


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