Clifton Square: A Small Wonder in Wichita's College Hill

Welcome to the charming and unique Clifton Square in Wichita, Kansas! Nestled at 3700 E Douglas, this isn't your typical shopping center. Imagine a picturesque village brimming with historical buildings, each housing a variety of local businesses and eateries.

Clifton Square is a delightful blend of the past and present, offering a shopping and dining experience like no other. From boutique shops to gourmet food, this little hub is a treasure trove for those seeking a local, community-driven atmosphere.

About Clifton Square, Wichita KS

Clifton Square is a little shopping village, located at 3700 E Douglas, Wichita KS 67208. It's not like a regular strip mall with big stores. Instead, it looks like a cluster of cute houses, each with different businesses inside.

You can find everything from locally made goods to retail stores, salons, beauticians, and even locally iconic eateries here. General shopping hours are Tues - Sat. 10 am - 5 pm, but each business has its hours posted online

The area is known for its historical buildings, many of which have been preserved and repurposed. This gives Clifton Square a distinctive character that blends the past with the present.

It's a hub for local entrepreneurs and small businesses, making it the perfect place to find everything you need while still shopping locally. Clifton Square is home to a diverse range of establishments, and there are many other shops and businesses within walking distance of the small center This not only supports the local economy but also provides visitors with unique shopping and dining experiences.

Food enthusiasts will also be happy to find the local favorites, Dempsey’s Burger Pub and Ziggy’s Pizza, situated within the square. Top it all off with some ice cream at Papa’s General Store or a drink at The Tea House, and you’ve got yourself the perfect night out! 

The Community Feels

One of the best things about Clifton Square is how friendly everyone is. The businesses are close to each other, so it feels like a tight-knit community. People know each other, and there's a real sense of togetherness. Even the parking lot is small, so you chat with folks around you.

The area is known for its cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The architecture, the layout of the shops, and the overall vibe of the place make it a delightful area to stroll, shop, and relax.

Exciting Changes and Places to Eat

The Tea House is under new ownership and is being turned into a bar featuring different whiskey selections! But don't worry, they'll still have tea for people who love it. 

Clifton Collective and MiniCo Shop are merging and moving into The Market Place! All three stores will soon fall under the umbrella store name of Clifton Collective, but you’ll still be able to find clothing for kids, retail items, and locally-made Kansas products and goods!

Are you feeling hungry? Ziggy's and Dempsey's outdoor patios and dining areas remain open! Ziggy’s has modified their patio to withstand the cold.

If you’re stopping by, you’ll likely notice the little globe-shaped domes that block out the cold! Ziggy’s has delicious pizza, and Dempsey’s offers everything you’d expect to find and more at a burger pub. Papa’s General Store is still scooping up shakes, sodas, and ice cream into the new year! It's a perfect spot to enjoy a meal and feel the Midwest's friendly vibe.

Events and Activities

Clifton Square is always buzzing with fun events, especially in the fall and winter. They have things happening every weekend.

You can check their social media @CliftonSquareWichita, or their site to find out what's going on. They have cool pop-up shops and activities for kids too.

Final Thoughts

Clifton Square is more than just a shopping destination and dining village; it's a vibrant community heart in Wichita. With its blend of historical charm, local entrepreneurship, and a warm, welcoming vibe, it offers a unique experience for shoppers and foodies alike.

Whether you're browsing through the quaint shops, enjoying a meal at the local eateries, or participating in exciting events, if you are planning to take the day off, add Clifton Square to your plan to enjoy drinks, and take photos that truly touch the spirit of Wichita.


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