Explore Wichita, Kansas Finest Coffee Shops and Instagrammable Drinks

Are you a coffee lover looking for the best coffee shops in Wichita? Do you enjoy capturing stunning photos of your Instagrammable drinks? Look no further!
In this article, we will explore some of the top coffee shops in Wichita that offer not only delicious coffee but also a visually appealing and colorful space to enjoy your favorite cup of joe.
From locally owned coffee shops to specialty coffee roasters, Wichita has something for every coffee enthusiast.
So, grab your camera, and let's dive into the world of coffee and aesthetics!


Table of Contents:

Coffee Shops in Downtown Wichita

Coffee Shops in East Wichita

Coffee Shops in West Wichita

Coffee Shops in South Wichita

Here Are Locally Owned Coffee Shops or Coffee Bar To Try

Coffee Shops Wichita KS

Coffee Shops in Downtown Wichita

1. Reverie Coffee Roasters

Two locations: 2202 E. Douglas Ave. and the Advanced Learning Library at 711 W. 2nd St.

The only full-service specialty coffee roaster/retailer in Wichita is Reverie Coffee Roasters.
You'll appreciate the wide selection of coffee beverages, and the café's chic, industrial decor is ideal for Instagram posts.
Take a coffee-holding selfie against the street art mural on the building outside, or sit and relax on the rear patio with a cup of handmade tea in your hand.

Try these beverages: Chai King Latte, Espresso Tonic, and Rosemary Salted Caramel Lattes.

Reverie Coffee Roasters Wichita KS

2. Leslie Coffee Co.

Within minutes of arriving, you'll be grabbing for your phone to take happy pictures of Leslie Coffee Co., which is housed in Historic Delano.

Many of Wichita's most known locations are depicted in tiny white and gold icons on custom wallpaper used to decorate the inside.
Locals frequently eat open-faced morning toast topped with locally produced ingredients and adore the rotating hot coffee.

Cortado, Vanilla Latte, and Apple Chai Guy are beverages to try.

Leslie Coffee Co. Wichita KS

3. Coffee Daze

All the traditional coffee drinks, as well as original concoctions, matcha, teas, and even breakfast and lunch, can be found at Coffee Daze.

Enjoy your beverage in their inviting dining area or carry it with you as you explore and take pictures of the neighborhood in Clifton Square, a hip shopping and dining district just east of downtown.

Try these wintertime beverages: The Daze, London Fog, and Campfire Lattes.

Coffee Daze Wichita KS

4. The Donut Whole

What goes best with a hot cup of coffee? A made-from-scratch, glazed cake donut loaded with flavorful toppings! At The Donut Whole, visitors can choose from artfully decorated donuts with unique flavors. Hitting the drive-thru instead? Don’t forget to capture the colorful street art in the alley behind the donut shop.

Drinks to try: Stick with the basics and try one of their house blends – smooth, bold, or espresso.

The Donut Whole Wichita KS

5. R Coffee House

Check out R Coffee House if you want a coffee shop with great blends and a calm atmosphere. This store offers a distinctive fusion of superb coffee, intriguing art, and chic music.

This charming coffee business is run and owned by a family.
They have a lovely outside area where you can take in the wonderful landscape, and their menu offers hearty breakfast and lunch selections as well as great coffee drinks.

Try the breakfast sandwiches and the vegan options!

R Coffee House Wichita KS

6. Expresso To Go Go

When you visit this well-known store, you may be sure to capture a wonderful picture with the city's center in the background.

Espresso To Go Go is the only walk-up coffee shop in Wichita and is well-known for the sparkling disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Ideal for influential and business people in downtown Wichita who require a fast pick-me-up.

Drinks to try: the Dirty Chai, the Long Black Eye, or anything else on the Secret Menu. You really can't go wrong.

Express to Go Go Wichita KS

Coffee Shops in East Wichita

1. Il Primo Expresso Cafe

Il Primo, dubbed "Wichita's oldest coffee shop," is famous for its expertly made coffee beverages, which are clamoring to make their Instagram debut.
Il Primo only provides Kansas roasts, including inventive cold brew tastes and traditional beverages like lattes, the Americano, and mochas.

Visit Instagram to see the most recent seasonal specials menu. Foodies enjoy the nicely stacked croissant sandwiches for breakfast and the warm, handmade muffins.

Try these beverages: Caramel Macchiato, Breve Mocha, Caffe Mocha, and Java Chip Granita.

IL Primo Expresso Cafe Wichita KS

2. Fairmount Coffee Co.

For Wichita State students and locals, Fairmount Coffee is a well-liked hangout. They've been operating since 2017 and serve pastries, sandwiches, salads, and a range of various roasted coffee flavors.

It's ideal for breakfast or lunch when you require a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot or an energizing cup of coffee because of the lively ambiance and the shop.

They even provide catering and present a variety of live events each month.

Fairmount coffee co. Wichita KS

3. Cocoa Dolce Chocolates

Customers can enjoy delectable specialty drinks at Cocoa Dolce Chocolates, including the well-known macchiato and Cubano as well as an affogato that combines espresso with gelato.
Intricate flavors, syrups, and even alcohol shots are available at Cocoa Dolce, whether you want your coffee hot or cold.

Additionally, you can purchase a jar of coffee bites in one of their three shops, which are located in Bradley Fair, NewMarket Square, and Old Town and each of them has a charming coffee lounge atmosphere.

Try the turtle affogato, skinny vanilla latte, vanilla cold brew with soy milk, coconut lavender latte, and mayan latte among other beverages on tap.

Cocoa Dolce Wichita KS

4. Aroma Coffeehouse

Aroma Coffeehouse is a place where picture-perfect moments are created and serves locally roasted coffee, connection, and inspiration.

They manufacture all of their syrups and pastries, and they provide free peppernuts with every beverage.

Try the White Tiger, Amber Mocha, Hot Spiced Apple Cider, and Hot Chai Latte among the beverages.

Aroma coffee house wichita ks

Coffee Shops in West Wichita

1. Paradise Donuts

Before you enter the downtown Wichita Paradise Donuts shop, you get the chance to take a few bright pictures. This charming store is next to Gallery Alley on the lovely Douglas Avenue in Wichita, therefore two of the freshly painted Alley Doors are also nearby.

You'll find unique furnishings and a comfortable atmosphere inside. The West Wichita branch of Paradise Donuts is hospitable and offers a full coffee bar as well as comfortable club chairs, a booth, and table seating options.

Both locations provide two varieties of freshly brewed coffee, as well as breakfast burritos, biscuits & gravy, sausage rolls, and meat pies, which are all freshly baked each morning.

Paradise Donuts wichita ks

Coffee Shops in South Wichita

1. Churn and Burn

Churn & Burn is well-known for its ready-to-eat specialty ice cream and high-end coffee concoctions.

The baristas take care in crafting cold brew or fresh espresso beverages with ingredients and beans that are acquired locally. Choose from the most popular specialty drinks or go with custom-made, liquid nitrogen-churned ice cream.Everything they cook is ready for the camera.
In addition, there is a great collection of Joyland (a theme park in Wichita that closed in 2004) artifacts to be photographed.

Try the C&B (Churn & Burn) cocktail. Snickers Surprise, Tiramisu, and MTO (Made To Order) Jamaican Dirt

Churn and Burn Wichita KS

Coffee Shops Just Outside of Wichita

Final Thoughts On This Coffee Brewing Experience

If you're looking for the best cafes in Wichita that offer Instagrammable drinks, strong coffee, a great vibe, and complete serving, there are numerous options to explore. Whether you're in downtown wichita, West Wichita, east Wichita, or south Wichita, there's a coffee bar or shop to suit your preferences.

These are just a few of the best coffee shops in Wichita that provide both excellent coffee and Instagram-worthy drinks, there are also new shops to try! So, grab your camera and enjoy the world of coffee and aesthetics in Wichita!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oldest coffee shop in Wichita, KS?

Il Primo Expresso Cafe is known as Wichita's oldest coffee shop.

Which coffee shop is the most popular?

The popularity of coffee shops can vary depending on personal preferences and trends. However, some popular coffee shops in Wichita, KS, include Reverie Coffee Roasters, Leslie Coffee Co., and Cocoa Dolce Chocolates.

What is America's favorite coffee shop?

Determining America's favorite coffee shop is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences and geographic location. Some popular coffee shop chains in the United States include Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Peet's Coffee.

What is the number one coffee city in America?

The designation of the number one coffee city in America can vary depending on different sources and criteria. However, cities such as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and New York City are often recognized as major hubs for coffee culture in the United States


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